Have Questions About Graduating High School Early?

Read below to get the information you need for assistance with your early graduation process.

Will the student receive a regular diploma?

Yes! Our course is a blueprint to obtaining a regular high school diploma in less than the standard four years.

Will this cost more money?

The short answer is: it depends. Generally speaking, it does cost money to take additional courses and tests on top of what your school may offer. However, some states offer grants and subsidies to reimburse families for the costs associated with an accelerated education. Look into what resources your state’s Department of Education may offer for more information.

Will the student be ready socially?

Another question that can only be answered with: it depends. Every early graduate is different and has different strengths and weaknesses, especially socially. The beautiful thing about life after high school is that there is a lot more opportunity to find accepting people with similar interests. 

What are the benefits of graduating early?

The greatest benefit to graduating high school early is time; students who graduate early gain time to spend on whatever they want. Many early graduates go on to college, trade schools, or take time to work and save money. Beyond that, there is something to be said about having a proven track record of academic success and high determination.

Will the student be able to handle the stress emotionally?

Absolutely! The fact of the matter is that this is not an easy path to walk. It takes a highly motivated and highly self aware individual with a great support system to accomplish an early graduation. It will be difficult, but it is possible and students with high levels of determination can thrive as a result of this process.

Does it look good on college applications?

In the experience of our early graduates, this depends entirely on how they frame their accomplishments in their college applications. Students need to be prepared to describe themselves as highly motivated individuals constantly looking for a new challenge and wanting to absorb as much knowledge as possible instead of someone who wanted to graduate early for the sake of graduating early. Colleges are looking for students wanting to continue expanding their knowledge base, not someone who’s tired of school.

Will the student learn as much?

Most of our students find themselves learning more in a much shorter period of time when pursuing an early graduation. This is because they skip unnecessary busy-work and time spend sitting in a classroom that can’t keep up with their ability to learn. Students who go on to college are able to start pursuing a career path and learn applicable skills, resulting in them being ahead of most of their peers by the time they reach the traditional “college” age. 

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